Spice things up with Asian escorts in London

Five ways to make things more exciting…

Gone are the days when purity was the way forward when it came to intimacy so to help you spice things up, here at Asian Options escort agency in London we’ve got the best tips to ensure you’re the best client the Asian escorts ever had.Many of our young Asian escorts in London have very different accents, which can really raise the bar when it comes to erotic encounters but that doesn’t have to be the extent of it. How about accosting each other in the car? You’re a very eager client out for the evening with a smouldering female Asian escort sat next to you. It’s not a long drive to the restaurant but on the way your Oriental escort asks you to pull the car over. In an excited frenzy you oblige but not soon enough it would seem. Before you can park the car she begins to trace her fingers along your arm and up your neck. Her hands are in your hair. The night is young, the sun hasn’t quite set and your willpower is being pushed to the limit.

Things will always be better in the morning as they say so why not try it out with the best Asian escorts in London. She may not have woken up just yet but that doesn’t mean you have to lie still and wait for her to rise. Wake up, freshen up and get a seductive breakfast ready. Nestle yourself into her hair, take in her scent and watch her so peaceful. Her scent makes you feel alive; her milky skin is warm and smooth. Why not wake her up in the best way possible, feel her react.

For those who consider themselves more of a natural type of guy why not let nature have its way? It might be coming up to Christmas with winter well on its way but surely that’s just another excuse to keep warm outside with your Asian London escorts? Take a stroll through the city streets, through the parks and let the feel of Mother Nature on your skin awaken you. Let the air caress you as you inject new meaning into the term evening stroll. Stop and pay attention to the birds as they celebrate your finale then make your way to your table reservation as if nothing has happened.

If the great outdoors doesn’t sound so appealing for you then why not consider taking a bath together. There really is nothing quite as romantic as a hot bath together, entangled amongst each other amid the steam. Bubbles and oil travel everywhere while soft music envelopes the room. The candles provide the perfect ambience for the perfect romantic setting.

For those who like the good old-fashioned kind of stuff then maybe blindfolding would be the perfect way forward. It’s amazing just what a tiny piece of silk fabric can do to your love life so if you’ve never tried it before then now is most certainly your time. Deny your sense of sight and watch your other senses speed into overdrive. You’ll smell the busty Asian escorts skin, you’ll feel her touch all the more but beware, your libido might just take off without you.